Building Your Support Team

Hut, Hut, Hike!

Have you heard this cadence coming through your TV screen during football season?

This is what a football Quarterback yells to his teammates right before he is ready to snap the football to them for a play.  His #1 job is to direct his team towards the end zone and score as many points as possible.

So, what does a football Quarterback have to do with your kid having ADHD?

As parents, we usually end up playing a very similar and critical role in our child’s life, just like the Quarterback on the football team. Obviously, for parents, this is not about scoring as many points as possible, but rather for all of us, it is about directing a team towards a better outcome for our child and our family.

It helps me if I think of myself to be like a  Quarterback or  even a Coach as I figure out how to make a plan and advocate for my own child at school, at home, and in our community.  When I am in a crisis with my child, I have learned not to over react and melt, but instead  think about which teammate I need to pull into help us move forward in a more positive direction.

The name of the game for an ADHD child is that their  family  and  their teachers engage and stay engaged in a good way.   The wins come when your child is feeling good about themselves and is learning skills to live a good life that works for them.

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you the  3 key players that need to get on board with you and your child.

After you take a listen, I would love to hear from you.

I hope this helps you, Coach!


Thank you for your encouragement and support with this project.

Advocate for ADHD children and their families

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