Hi, I’m Kate

In my personal life, I’m a wife, friend, volunteer, gym rat, meditator, pet owner and a mom. My husband and I are parents of two beautiful children. On any given day, I find myself juggling the role of taxi cab driver, nurse, teacher, cheerleader, therapist, coach, and entertainer. Sound familiar?

Oh, but wait, I’m honored to hang one more subtitle on my mom badge. One of the most important roles that I am rocking these days includes experience in raising a child with learning and attention differences.

Here I am today. I am committed to making it easier for all of us as we strive to make sure our children grow up and successfully shine their own light on the world as adults. If you don’t have time to analyze all the aspects involved in attention differences, than I am here to help you with straight to the point ideas. If you are going through a tough time in your family, than I am here to energize you with fresh ideas. If you’re like me, than you want someone to boil it down and give you the key highlights.

I will simplify the complicatedness out of ADHD for parents.   I’m all about squelching the myths, shaking off the shame, and helping you create a family that will help you enjoy taking the curvy road through life with your kids because it will  never be dull!

Before all this, I was born and raised in the Midwest who found herself as an adult moving West to San Francisco to follow her career dreams in media sales to work at some of the most recognized media companies in the world like KFOG Radio, AOL, and Yahoo! It was an amazing time in my career and I loved almost every single minute of it.

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